It is our great pleasure that the VIIth edition of the Congress of Students of Food Science and Technology is celebrated at University of Valencia, Faculty of Pharmacy, Spain. The new attractive program is divided in two sessions, from one hand we will have the first day completely dedicated to the Food and Science Technology company talks and on the other hand the second day will be dedicated to the student talks focused on several aspect related to the Food Science as, Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Technology, Food Analysis and Food Biotechnology. We want to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt respect to all invited speakers from, and also to the participants of this congress.
This congress has been held in Valencia from 2014 and we are proud of the results achieved from academically and socially point of view. The number of the poster presentations increased, and the scientifically contents are progressing every year.

The congress is divided in invited plenary lectures, oral and poster sessions, organized to favor meetings and interaction between participants with the aim of integrating different disciplines and put together scientist and experts of different fields of Food Safety, Food Technology, Food Chemistry and Nutrition and Food Analysis including several sessions on advances in applied research throughout the food chain, industrial and networking actions.
We hope that this congress will provide an important forum for Spanish and international colleagues to appreciate the current state of the art in Food Technology research and will be a unique opportunity for discussion of solutions to today‟s and tomorrow‟s challenges.
Finally, we would like to address our grateful thanks to our students of the Valencian Association of Students of Food Science and Technology (AVECTA) that greatly helped us to organize this congress: without their enthusiastic participation, we couldn‟t now host the Sixth International Edition.
On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committees we would like to wish you an interesting and enjoyable Conference in one of the most attractive Spanish corners, with fruitful discussion and exchange of professional points of view from experts coming from different countries around the world.