Food Chemistry and Analysis: CA

Food technology: T

Food Security: S

Area code number Authors Title Type of studies
CA1 A. Pino, H. Granda-Pérez, V.Puertas-Martín, R. San Román Polyphenol rich food intake as a strategy for an improvement of age-associated cognitive function and cardiovascular risk PostG
CA2 A. Mesa-Navarro, E. Pérez-Esteve, M.J. Lerma-García, J.M. Barat Variability of vitamin C, total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of Brassica vegetables PostG
CA3 A. Rueda, A. Cervera Agronomic assays with treated spent coffee grounds in order to investigate its toxic effect on edible plants Degree
CA4 C.N. Molina, R. Garzón, C.M. Rosell A comparison study of marketed pan breads study: influence of the crust in the composition Degree
CA5 D. Valverde, M.C. Iannello, M. Ruiz-Rico, É. Pérez-Esteve, M.J. Lerma-García, J.M. Barat Obtention of an olive leaf extract rich in antioxidants and its encapsulation in silica supports PostG
CA6 D. Valverde, M.J. Lerma-García, E. Pérez-Esteve, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat Identification of polyphenols extracted from olive stones by HPLC-MS PostG
CA7 I.J.A. Hamdan, G. García-Llatas, M.J. Lagarda Determination of sterols in a bioaccessible fraction of human milk: validation method PostG
CA8 J. Ballester, J.V. Gil, C.M. Haros, M.T. Fernández-Espinar Study of the antioxidant capacity of white breads enriched with quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) flour PostG
CA9 J. Piqueras, G. Sastre, W. Randazzo, G. Sánchez, R. Sancho, C. González Method implementation to detect human Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus in sewage and reclaimed water PostG
CA10 L.S. Dias-Faceto, A. Salvador, A.C. Conti-Silva Influence of the acoustic envelope detector settings on the evaluation of food crispness PostG
CA11 L. Corell-Martí


Low cost extraction of flavonoids in vegetables PostG
CA12 L. Herreros-Chavez, M.L. Cervera, A. Morales-Rubio Mineral content in infant milk powder by ED-XRF direct method Degree
CA13 V. Cortés, M.J. Lerma-García, P. Talens, J.M. Barat Feasibility of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to discriminate sweet and bitter almonds and to quantify its amygdalin content PostG
CA14 M.A. Quelal-Vascónez, M.J. Lerma-García, É. Pérez-Esteve, J.M. Barat, P. Talens Determination of methylxanthines and flavanols in cocoa powders with different alkalization degrees by high performance liquid chromatography PostG
CA15 M.A. Quelal-Vascónez, M.J. Lerma-García, É. Pérez-Esteve, J.M. Barat, P. Talens Feasibility of near infrared spectroscopy for the detection of cocoa shell in cocoa powders PostG
CA16 M. Sansano, A. Heredia, V. Glicerina, F. Balestra, S. Romani, A. Andrés Effect of chitosan addition to rice and wheat flours-based batters on thermal and rheological properties PostG
CA17 M. Puchol-Miquel, M.J. Lerma-García, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat Monitoring of chemical changes and oxidative stability of olive oils flavored with cinnamon leaf essential oil during an accelerated storage treatment PostG
CA18 R. Fernández-Carrión, E. De la Camara, I. González-Monje, C. Ortega-Azorín, E.M. Asensio, R. Barragán, P. Carrasco, J.V. Sorlí, R. Osma, E. Ferriz, N. San Onofre, P. Folson, S. Sánchez-Navarro, M. Martínez-Pérez, V. Pascual, D. Corella Association between food consumption and the perception of happiness in men and women with metabolic syndrome PostG
CA19 R. Fernández-Carrión, N. San Onofre, E. Ferriz, C. Ortega-Azorín, E.M. Asensio, R. Barragán, P. Carrasco, J.V. Sorlí, R. Osma, I. González-Monje, E. De la Camara, S. Sánchez-Navarro, M. Martínez-Pérez, C. Riera, D. Corella Differences in the fruit consumption profile between men and women from a high cardiovascular risk population PostG
CA20 S. Verdú, C. Álava, F. Vásqyez, J.M. Barat, R. Grau Modelling fibre enrichment effect on physicochemical properties of cookies by means of image analysis of laser-diffraction patterns PostG
CA21 S. Verdú, A.J. Perez, S. Izquierdo, J.M. Barat. R. Grau Non-destructive characterization of rheological properties of vegetable-based creams using image analysis of laser-diffraction patterns PostG
CA22 V. Cortés, M.J. Lerma-García, J.M. Barat, P. Talens Sweet and bitter almonds discrimination by using Near Infrared spectroscopy PostG
CA23 V. Blanco, G. García-Llatas, M.J. Lagarda, A. Alegría Colonic fermentation of sterols: optimization of a GC-MS method PostG
CA24 Y. Rodríguez-Carrasco, A. Gaspari, G. Graziani, A. Ritieni Assessment of multiple mycotoxins in panettone available in Italian market PostG
CA25 Y. Rodríguez-Carrasco, H. Berrada, J. Mañes, A. Ariño Prevalence of aflatoxin M1 in milk and dairy products: a review PostG
CA26 É. Pérez-Esteve, M.J. Lerma-García, J.M. Barat Effect of processing on the content and profile of cocoa procyanidins PostG
CA27 C. Galve-Fernández, M.J. Luque-Cobija, M. de la Guardia, A. Morales-Rubio, M.L. Cervera Assessment of deep frying oil quality by smartphone test PostG

T1 N. Benlloch, A.Mª Pérez, T. Rojas Nanomaterials in the food industry


T2 A. Asensio-Grau, S. Frassineti, A. Heredia, A. Andrés Lipid digestibility in single or combined food PostG
T3 A. Echevarrías, E. Ripoll, S. Rubio-Arraez, M.L. Castelló, M.D. Ortolá Mechanical properties, height and alveolar structure of muffins formulated with healthier sweeteners PostG
T4 A. Martínez-Martínez, R. Nicolás-López, D. Planes, G. Ros-Berruezo, C. Frontela-Saseta In vitro mineral availability of different biscuits PostG
T5 A. Martínez-Martínez, R. López-Nicolás, D. Planes, G. Ros-Berruezo, C. Frontela-Saseta Satiating effect of digestive and María biscuits PostG
T6 C. Paz-Yépez, V. Zegada, A. Heredia, A. Andrés Matrix effects and influence of intestinal conditions on lipid digestion of different types of chocolates PostG
T7 C.L. Alava, S. Verdú, J.M. Barat, R. Grau Effect of incorporating tiger-nut (Cyperus esculentus) milk co-product on bread-making process PostG
T8 C.L. Alava, S. Verdú, J.M. Barat, R. Grau Enrichment of cereal chips with fibre from a tiger-nut (Cyperus esculentus) milk co-product: impact on processing, physicochemical and sensorial properties PostG
T9 C. Fuentes, I. Fernández-Segovia, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat Effect of calcium chloride on the sensory properties of Spanish style table olives PostG
10 E. Hernández Functional meat products


T11 F. Rey, P. Aleza, M.J. Rodrigo, L. Zacarías Carotenoids influence on chilling injury during postharvest storage of mandarin fruit PostG
T12 F. Vásquez, S. Verdú, E. Fuentes, R. Casillas, A.R. Islas, R. Grau, J.M. Barat Effect of heat treated oats flour used in the substitution of wheat flour bread-making PostG
T13 J. Zacarías-García, M.J. Rodrigo, L. Zacarías Evaluation of quality parameters and bioactive compounds in two new red-fleshed orange mutants PostG
T14 J. Andrade, A. Chiralt Lecithin encapsulation of cavacrol to obtain active polyvinyl alcohol films PostG
T15 M. Espert, L. Caloca, A. Salvador, T. Sanz, M.J. Hernández Effect of different types of cellulose ethers on rheological behavior of reduced-fat cocoa filling creams Degree
T16 L.I. Hinestroza-Córdoba, A.L. Martíneez-Andrade, C. Barrera-Puigdollers, N. Betoret-Valls Characterization of the lulo fruit (Solanum quitoense Lam) and the effect of high pressure homogenization on its juice properties PostG
T17 A. López-Fernández, C. Frontela-Saseta, T. Sánchez-Moya, G. Ros-Berruezo Establishment of a sensory detection threshold trial for yeast fermentation of orange juice PostG
T18 M.J. Lerma-García, G.A. Guadalupe, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat, I. Fernández-Segovia Comparison between Spanish and Peruvian consumers’ perception about the presence of palm oil in food products PostG
T19 M. Espert, A. Bresciani, T. Sanz, A. Salvador Application of hydrocolloid based emulsions in cocoa filling creams: structural properties and sensory acceptability PostG
T20 M. Puchol, E. Perez, C. Palomares, J.M. Barat Physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of bakery products made with different cocoa powders PostG
T21 M. Sapper, D. Pauta, A. Chiralt Starch-gellan edible coatings with thyme essential oil for post-harvest preservation of apples PostG
T22 M.C. Rasia, M. Espert, T. Sanz, A. Salvador Thermal properties of reduced-fat filling creams based on milk fat emulsions PostG
T23 M. Arnal, P. Talens, F. Toldrà, L. Mora Improving of tomato seed by-product antioxidant activity by alcalase hydrolysis Degree
T24 N. Gasparre, C.M. Rosell Can tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) flour be used for gluten-free bread making? PostG
T25 R. Garzon, M. San Eustaquio, C.M. Rosell Gluten free breads: defining predictors for selecting rice flour with adequate breadmaking performance PostG
T26 S. Collazo-Bigliardi, R. Ortega-Toro, A. Chiralt Micro- and nano- cellulosic filters from rice and coffee husks to improve properties of the thermoplastic starch films PostG
T27 S. Benkadri, A. Salvador, M.N. Zidoune, T. Sanz Optimization of gluten-free biscuits using response surface methodology PostG
T28 S. Ribes, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat Antifungal essential oil nanoemulsions in salad dressings


T29 T. Jordá, A.M. Romero, N. Rozès, M.T. Martínez-Pastor, S. Puig Regulation of yeast fatty acid desaturase in response to iron deficiency PostG
T30 T. Sánchez-Moya, D. Planes, R. López-Nicolás, C.A. González-Bermúdez, C. Frontela-Saseta, G. Ros-Berruezo Whey protein fermentation as a predictor of satiety PostG
T31 T. Sánchez-Moya, R. López-Nicolás. A. López-Fernández, C. Frontela-Saseta, G. Ros-Berruezo Whey milk simulates the in vitro production of CCK and GLP-1 through a whole simulated intestinal process PostG
T32 V. Cortés, C. Blanes, J. Blasco, C. Ortíz, N. Aleixos, M. Mellado, S. Cubero, P. Talens Mango quality assessment by optical and mechanical parameters integrated in a robot gripper PostG
T33 M.V. Traffano-Schiffo, M. Castro-Giraldez, U. Tylewicz, L. Laghi, P.J. Fito Coupled effect of pulsed electric fields and osmotic dehydration of kiwifruit monitored by TD-NMR and microwave spectrophotometry PostG
T34 Z.N. Uribe-Wandurraga, P. García-Segovia, M.J. Pagán Moreno, J. Martínez-Monzó Effect of the addition of microalgae biomass on bread dough physical, textural and theological properties PostG
T35 L.Martínez, G. Nieto, G. Ros Antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of natural extracts of fruits and leaves from the Region of Murcia PostG

S1 A. Ben Youssef, S. Oueslati, H. Berrada, C. Juan Multi-mycotoxins occurrence in Tunisian poultry feed


S2 A.Castaño-Arriba, R. Capita, C. Alonso-Calleja Effect of several chemical decontaminants in the growth kinetics of MRSA and VRE on rabbit meat PostG
S3 A.T. Noguerol, P. García-Segovia, J. Martínez-Monzó, M.J. Pagán Application in turkey meat of a biopreservative obtained from a starter culture of Pediociccus acidilactici PostG
S4 B. González, H. Berrada, C. Juan Performance and validation of fusarium mycotoxins and zearalenone determination in tiger-nuts and oat beverages PostG
S5 C. González-Machado, C. Alonso-Calleja, R. Capita Dynamics of celular and extracelular components of Salmonella Typhimurium biofilms PostG
S6 C. Candel-Pérez, C. Suárez-Martínez, A. Caballero-Valcárcel, G. Ros.Berruezo, C. Martínez-Graciá Detection of Clostridioides difficile in livestock faeces by PCR PostG
S7 C. Suárez-Martínez, C. Martínez-Graciá, G. Yagüe-Guirao Role of Gut Microbiota during early-life on the development of Asthma PostG
S8 C. Fuentes, A. Fuentes, J.M. Barat Use of essential oils to improve safety of table olives packaged without brine PostG
S9 C. Rodríguez-Melcón, R. Capita, C. Alonso-Calleja Architecture of the biofilms formed by Salmonella typhimurium on polystyrene and glass contact surfaces at different ages of maturation PostG
S10 D. López-Puertollano, C. Agulló, J.V. Mercader, A. Abad-Fuentes, A. Abad-Somovilla Innovative approach for antibody production against ochratoxin-A PostG
S11 M.C. Cardozo-Guzman, G. García-Carrión, D. Ibáñez-Peinado, D. Rodrigo, A. Martínez Evaluation of the Caenorhabditis elegans infection by Salmonella Typhimurium fed with an infusion of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) PostG
S12 D. Carballo, P. Pinheido, E. Ferrer, H. Berrada Occurrence of mycotoxin in beer and wine beverages by gas chromatography mass spectrometry in tandem PostG
S13 H. Duncan, A. Abad-Fuentes, A. Abad-Somovilla, J.V. Mercader, C. Agulló Hapten synthesis and polyclonal antibody characterization for the fungicide fluopicolide PostG
S14 I. Royo, M.V. Fuentes Food-Spoiling helminthes in hunted wild birds reaching the consumer Degree
S15 J. Chen, X. Wu, W. Randazzo, G. Sánchez Application of PMAxx pretreatment to distinguish between infectious and inactivated enteric viruses in berries PostG
S16 J. Pérez, R. Torrijos, J.M. Quiles, G. Meca Application of natamycin on sliced cheese: antifungal activity and shelf life improvement Degree
S17 L. Settier-Ramírez, G. López-Carballo, R. Gavara, P. Hernández-Muñoz Study of PVOH films embedded with nisin-producing bacteria for antilisterial food packaging PostG
S18 L. Sarmiento, M. Sierra, N. Pallarés, E. Ferrer Presence of mycotoxins in juice blends treated with high hydrostatic pressure Degree
S19 N. Pallarés, A. Stampolidou, L. Manyes, E. Ferrer Beauvericin and enniatin B: from herbal infusions to your brain PostG
S20 R.E. Cevallos-Cedeño, A. Abad-Fuentes, C. Agulló, A. Abad-Somovilla, J.V. Mercader Characterization of antibodies and bioconjugates for spirotetramat and spritetramat-enol residue analysys in foodstuffs PostG
S21 R. Heras Mozos, G. López-Carballo, R. Gavara-Clemente, P. Hernández-Muñoz Antifungal Packaging for Extending the Shelf Life of Sliced Bread PostG
S22 R. Torrijos, J.M. Quiles, J. Mañes, G. Meca Evaluation of the antifungal potential of yellow mustard flour extracts against Aspergillus and Penicillium PostG
S23 S. Izquierdo, S. Verdú, J.M. Barat, R. Grau Non-destructive monitoring of the yogurt fermentation phase by an image analysis of laser-diffraction patterns: characterization of cow’s. goat’s and sheep’s milk PostG
S24 C. Luz, J. Mañes, G. Meca Shelf life extension of loaf bread produced with sourdough fermented by Lactobacillus strains PostG

February 23rd 

Time Authors Title Type of studies
10:00 G. López-García, A. Cilla, R. Barberá, P. Martorell, S. Genovés, A. Alegría Caenorhabditis elegans as oxidative stress model induced by cholesterol oxidation products: optimization parameters PostG
10:10 K.C. Miranda, C.M. Haros


Mineral and Fatty Acid profiles of chia cultivated in Ecuador PostG
10:20 A. Llatas, M. Werner, C. Luz, J. Mañes, G. Meca Characterization of potential probiotic bacteria isolated from fermented dairy milk products Degree
10:30 C. Marín, P. Salvatierra, A. Martínez, D. Rodrigo Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure to inactivate natural contaminating and inoculated Salmonella typhimurium on Hermetia illucens larvae PostG
10:40 I. Falcó, W. Randazzo, J. Rodríguez-Díaz, R. Gozalbo-Rovira, D. Luque, R. Aznar, G. Sánchez Antiviral effects of green tea extract in model food systems and under gastric conditions


10:50 J.M. Quiles, R. Torrijos, F. Saladino, F.B. Luciano, J. Mañes, G. Meca Potential utilization of Yellow and Oriental Mustard Flours in loaf bread shelf life improvement against mycotoxigenic fungi


12:15 N. Peña-Gómez, M. Ruiz-Rico, I. Fernández-Segovia, J.M.Barat Liquid food pasteurization by filtration through particles functionalized with natural antimicrobial compounds


12:25 W. Randazzo, A. Vasquez-García, M.A. Bracho, M.J. Alcaraz, R. Aznar, G. Sánchez Method comparison to detect Hepatitis E virus in lettuce and water samples


12:35 C. Ros-Carrero, L. Ramos-Alonso, P. Miró, M. T. Martínez-Pastor, S. Puig Transcriptional regulation of yeast Ribonucleotide Reductase in iron deficiency


12:45 D. Planes-Muñoz, R. López.Nicolas, C. Frontela-Saseta, G. Ros-Berruezo New technologies to evaluate satiety: validation of a novel app


12:55 D. Alcañiz, R. De Los Reyes, M.D. Ortolá, A.M. Andrés Orange juice extraction time reduction applying Dielectric Heating pretreatments. Effects on quality and juice yield PostG
16:00 E. Hernández-Olivas, M.A. Rocha-Esparza, R. Talamás-Abudd, T. Galicia-García, N. Torres-Flores, B. Ramírez-Wong, R. Márquez-Meléndez Effect of substitution of nixtamalized maize flour by bean and chickpea flours on physicochemical and sensorial properties of tortilla chips


16:10 I. López-Almela, E. Fabersani, I. Campillo, M. Romaní-Pérez, K. Portune, Y. Sanz Probiotic-based strategies for promoting metabolic health


16:20 L.J. Gómez, J.E. Zapata, B. Lomonte Obtaining, purification and identification of antioxidative peptides from red tilapia viscera hydrolysates


16:30 N.A. Gómez, J.E. Zapata Empiric and phenomenological modeling of enzymatic hydrolysis of bovine plasma PostG
16:40 P. Puerta, R. Garzón, C.M. Rosell, S. Fiszman, A. Tárrega Impact of structure of gluten-free breads on its oral trajectory and sensory perception PostG